artist statement
I am a contemporary artist and sculptor. In my limited series of artworks, I combine different styles, techniques, and materials that accurately depict emotional and energetic aspects of particular places, periods, or inner states.
The soul’s message is the backbone of my creations. By bypassing the rationality of the mind, it reveals itself in the subconscious in the form of vivid symbolic images.
I work with oil and acrylic paint, texture paste, bronze and brass, plaster, and brass.
I am an unconventional artist. There are no rules in my artworks. They are a fusion of artistic styles, movements, and techniques with philosophical methods and ideas.
Illustrating the versatility of semantic layers, I provide my viewers with the possibility of a completely free interpretation of artistic images.
The absence of rules and complete creative freedom in my artworks require viewers' discretion as they face the subjectivity of their perception and have to appeal to their emotions and intellect to interpret what they see. I create visually seductive and aesthetically pleasant artworks conveying various layers of meaning.
Each of my art pieces generates unique energy and semantics. My conceptual approach to art invites viewers to converse using the language of perception.
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